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Maks Giordano is a globally awarded Digital Strategist, Innovation Co-Creation Specialist, and Creative with 30 years of experience in innovative digital projects. He is recognized not only as a thought leader in innovation when it comes to exponential technologies but also continuously gathers real-world experience in innovation projects with iconic brands such as Apple, Lego, Red Bull, Mercedes, Jägermeister, L'Oréal, Vogue, Lufthansa, BMW, Volkswagen, Swatch etc. Currently, his primary focus is on Generative AI, not just as a next "trend" but in its operational application with his clients and in addressing specific questions on how companies can benefit from the current developments in GenAI. Maks has held several prestigious positions, including being part of the management board and Head of Innovation, Games & Mobile at ProSieben Sat.1, Co-Founder of the successful consultancies iconmobile and Nunatak, on the management board and head of the digital unit at MetaDesign AG, and serving as Head of Europe for kyte, counting Lady Gaga among his clients. Maks possesses an extraordinary knack for identifying relevant trends and their potential positive impacts across various industries. With a focus on Co-Creation and three decades of professional experience, there's hardly an industry or challenge that hasn't been transformed by Maks through a landmark innovation project. His approach is always hands-on, leveraging proven methodologies, invaluable learning experiences, and inspiring examples from a wide range of sectors. Companies often approach him with specific inquiries, asking: "Maks, we are a company specializing in XYZ, currently exploring generative AI and AI trends. Can you visit us and present a comprehensive array of relevant opportunities, inspirations, and insights for our business?" Based on a briefing conversation, Maks collaborates closely with the client to craft a tailor-made keynote that captivates and inspires all attendees. These customized presentations are built on a careful selection of content specifically designed to meet the audience's and company's needs and interests, sharing insights drawn from real-world experience, not just theory. Maks' typical focal points include: - **Me, Myself and AI**: Harnessing generative AI for innovation and creativity. - **Quo Vadis AI & GenAI**: The impact of exponential developments in GenAI & AI on future business models, HR, marketing, and communication. - **Innovation Mindset**: Strategies for fostering a culture of innovation within organizations. - **Desirable Futures**: How exponential technologies can unlock aspirational futures. - **Innovation Management**: Key factors for sustainable innovation in businesses. - **The Future of Mobility**: Visions for mobility in 2035 and the transformation of urban centers. - **Healthcare**: Transforming healthcare through exponential technologies. - **Beyond the Hype**: The enduring relevance of Web3 post the Metaverse & NFT hype. Maks excels at making complex subjects approachable and igniting his audience's enthusiasm for the potentials of new technologies. His speeches not only offer valuable insights and stimulation but also practical approaches for successfully navigating the challenges of digital transformation. Engaging Maks as a keynote speaker promises to not just enlighten the event but to spark a transformational shift in mindset, driving your audience towards embracing innovation and future readiness. ​Maks Giordano's career embarked during the digital dawn of the mid-1990s at ID Media AG, where he contributed to numerous internationally acclaimed digital projects. Noteworthy among these were the digital launch campaign for the Volkswagen New Beetle, the online introduction of "Wallpaper" magazine, and projects for Sony-Europe and Swatch. He played a pivotal role in establishing "Cycosmos," the leading social network in the UK and Germany at the time, and one of the world's first avatar communities—two decades before the Metaverse became a global conversation topic! In 2000, Giordano joined the management board of MetaDesign AG as the head of digital. He was instrumental in pioneering the first mobile projects in Europe, including work for NTT DoCoMo's iMode and Telefonica, becoming an evangelist for mobile services long before the iPhone revolutionized the market. His passion for mobile services led to the co-founding of Iconmobile Group in 2003, one of the first agencies globally to specialize in mobile solutions. With his contribution, the company grew into a global force with over 200 employees and offices in Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney, London, and New York. As product lead, maks helped to develop one of the first mobile ad servers globally in 2004 and designed mobile marketing and advertising formats for leading companies like Microsoft, O2, and Yahoo. He also advised major European mobile operators and helped numerous brands launch their first mobile projects. Following WPP's acquisition of Iconmobile Group in 2007, Giordano took on a leadership role in the management board and heading the Innovation, Mobile & Games units at ProSiebenSat.1 Digital. He successfully launched the company's first iOS apps, created innovative advertising formats, conducted UGC campaigns, and established a highly profitable data access product. Corporate innovation has been one of his central passions ever since. In 2009, Giordano moved to Kyte, an innovative live-streaming platform based in San Francisco, funded by Disney and NTT DoCoMo, and led its European operations. He developed digital video strategies for mobile, social, and online media for companies like MTV and Universal Music. Kyte collaborated with world-famous artists such as Lady Gaga and 50 Cent to enhance their video offerings and fan interactions. Since founding juuman´okudo in 2010, Giordano has been aiding organizations with the Innovation Studio in their digital transformation and innovation challenges—from new digital business models and start-up collaborations to innovation hubs and company building, as well as digital upskilling in HR. Prominent companies like Linde, Viessmann, Lufthansa, Volkswagen, Daimler, UEFA, Red Bull, Deutsche Telekom, BMW, eBay, and many more, rely on his expertise. Maks successfully co-founded the consultancies "Nunatak" and "kreait," led the "Founder Institute" accelerator program in Berlin, and has been a mentor at Axel Springer PlugNPlay, Telekom hub:raum, Pioneers Festival, hack.fwd, among others. Giordano holds an MBA in Media and Communication from the University of St. Gallen, teaches entrepreneurship and innovation management at institutions like Zeppelin University and HTW Berlin, and is the author of the first German book on usability (Springer Verlag) and the first German book on Mobile Business (Gabler Verlag). He is a juror at the Lovies and Webby Awards, known as the "Oscars of the Internet," has a very weird taste in music, enjoys traveling, and continues to practice yoga although it appears hopeless.


International Corporate Keynotes for Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Lufthansa, Procter&Gamble, Unilever, Red Bull, MTG, ProSieben, Axel Springer, Volkswagen, H&M, Daimler, Zwilling, Commerzbank, SAP, ZDF, Pfizer, Lego, ZF, LINDE, Deutsche Telekom, TUI, BMW, Festo, Voith, Lanxess, L´Oréal, Cosnoca, Jägermeister, Absolut, BMW, Mercedes and many more.

Handelsblatt C-Suite Keynote „Digital Innovation in times of exponential change“

DLD Keynote „Moonshot Innovation”

Singularity University „Mobility in 2025“

Fashion Week „Future of Fashion Retail“ 

SIME MIAMI, „Looking back at the Future“ & SIME Stockholm „Future of Marketing“

Lufthansa Flying Lab „Future of Fashion“ and Moderation for 10+ FlyingLabs

Marketing Tag LMU München 2018 „Future of Marketing“

Awarded Top 5% of all Mentors worldwide Founder Institute (200+ cities)

More than 300+ keynotes, panel discussions, moderations or interviews on topics such as GenAI, entrepreneurship, innovation in marketing and communication, new work at e.g. 

Singularity University Summit, TEDx HongKong, Pioneers Festival Wien, SIME Stockholm, DLD / TES München, DLD Bayreuth, DMEXCO Köln, Inspire Stockholm, SIME Helsinki, CTIA San Francisco, Monaco Media Forum, VIDFEST Vancouver, IFA Medienwoche Berlin, InternetWorld London, TheMarker Tel Aviv, Mipcom Cannes, SIME Barcelona, SIME Amsterdam, SIME Wien, 4Gamechangers Wien, MobileMonday Warschau, WEBINALE  Berlin, MobileMonday Berlin, Expertentag Video beim VDZ, E-Publish Day VDZ, DMMK Stuttgart, Online Marketing Forum, IEX Zurich, Branding Conference Vienna, Hamburger Dialog, Mecon, Trendtag GDI,  Best of Corporate Publishing, Next Generation Mobile Life (BITKOM), Visionen Kongress München, TV Outlook München, Sparkassen Akademie Eppstein, Telemedia Berlin, Medienforum NRW Collogne, KOMM Düsseldorf, @COM, Musikkomm, Systems München, Sponsoringforum München, MCM Forum Mobile Kommunikation, iTV Symposium ByteBurg, Online Marketing Forum ZFU, interactive Services Hamburg, DIMA, Internet World Berlin, MDM Frankfurt, SAPhire, EDUtain Karlsruhe, Marketing Services, Deutsche Design Konferenz, Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin, Mobile Tech Conference Munich, etc.

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