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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Founded in 2010, Juuman'okudo has evolved from a boutique innovation studio into a powerhouse of creativity and strategic thinking. At the heart of our operation is a tight-knit ensemble of specialists, spearheaded by Maks Giordano. Renowned for his pioneering work in Digital Transformation, Co-Creation, and Future Foresights, Maks brings over three decades of invaluable insights and groundbreaking strategies to our studio. His expertise has been sought after by industry titans such as Apple, Lego, Red Bull, and Mercedes, demonstrating a track record of unparalleled success.


Our foundation is digital, but our reach is boundless. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of innovation, yet we remain grounded and accessible to our clients. By harmonizing innovation with practicality, we not only envision the future but also make it attainable. Our approach is deeply collaborative, ensuring that we work alongside our clients at every step to co-create solutions that are both visionary and executable.



Our work ethos is crafted around principles of desirable futures and innovation, reflecting a commitment to both sustainability and the progressive ambitions of our clients. Central to our approach is assisting in the strategic development and implementation across key areas like sustainability, communication, and marketing, ensuring the impactful visibility of products and visions.


In the spirit of co-creation, we engage deeply with our clients, utilizing a collaborative framework that brings together diverse perspectives to unlock unique solutions. This process is further enriched by the integration of Generative AI tools, offering unparalleled insights and fostering creative solutions that were previously unimaginable.


Our methodology is rooted in contemporary practices such as Design Thinking and Agile principles, ensuring a flexible and responsive approach to project execution. Moreover, our team’s expertise as skilled coaches enhances our ability to navigate challenges, facilitating growth and learning throughout the project lifecycle.


This harmonious blend of co-creation, cutting-edge technology, and strategic expertise enables us to deliver solutions that not only align with our clients’ values and ambitions but also set new benchmarks for innovation and sustainability in their respective industries. 


Our operational ethos is grounded in a unique collaborative model, led by a core team of highly specialized digital veterans who bring decades of experience in digital innovation to the table. This group of pioneers is at the heart of our approach, combining deep industry knowledge with a passion for driving meaningful change. 


However, the strength of our service offering is magnified by strategic partnerships with an extensive international network of specialists and partner companies. This collaborative ecosystem enables us to deliver on projects of any scale or complexity, leveraging a broad spectrum of expertise without diluting the quality or focus of our work.


Central to our philosophy is the empowerment of our clients. Our goal is not to maximize billable hours or sell additional products but to enable clients to initiate and sustain innovation projects independently. By providing the tools, knowledge, and support necessary, we strive to equip clients with the capability to drive their innovation agendas, ensuring that they are not just participants in the process but leaders of their transformative journeys.


This model of co-creation, augmented by the utilization of generative AI tools, ensures that solutions are not only innovative and forward-thinking but also deeply aligned with our clients' commitments.


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